My story

Stuffed owls and ceramic crafts

Min Bae 2016. 11. 5. 23:08

Natural history museums are always my favorite places to go anywhere I visit. 

Maybe that is related to not only my fondness for animals but also the dark illumination and the static atmosphere in museums.  

The natural history museum in the Oulu university was as small and quiet as was the Oulu airport.  

Actually there was no one but me in the museum, while I was walking around all the stuffed animals and bones. 

Above all, it was impressive that there were quite lots of stuffed owls among them. 

The stuffed eagle that was reproduced as nesting on a cliff also caught my eyes. 

They made me realise again that I like birds. 

This morning, the last day of my stay in Oulu, I visited the Museum of Art. 

There was a special exhibition of Rut Bryk (1916 -1999), a Finnish ceramic artist. 

Particularly, two of her crafts called 'The Wedding' and 'The Funeral' were impressive.

Each of them was made in 1944 and 1947.  

The colours and the feelings that they caused are similar to those of some early Korean Western-style painters, such as Kim Whanki and Oh Jiho. 

I remember that I used to love their paintings that appeared in the art text books as a middle school student, and collecting their images had become one of my hobbies until I joined the art club in the high school. 

One thing that is different to me of the time is that now I have become more fascinated by such works as I watched this morning, which describe life. 

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